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Our Mission

Logic Gator aims to help businesses of all sizes improve their web presence with beautiful, functional websites that convey just why your business is so important. We work with businesses every step of the way to ensure that, in an increasingly digital world, their website helps bring in the most customers possible.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the most important tool we have for web development. It produces everything visual (albeit, maybe not so pretty) and enables us to lay out elements on the page and define their basic function.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) make HTML pretty. Without them, this webpage would look very basic. It's the core of what we use to make websites look appealing to potential clients. All of our animations, paralaxed backgrounds, and the like are all the result of CSS.
JavaScript brings life to a webpage, making it less static, allowing communication with server-side programs, databases, email servers, etc. For businesses with online forms, online ordering, shopping carts, logins, and anything custom-tailored to the user, JavaScript is a must-have. We likewise use JQuery, a library of javascript commands which more easily allows for webpage manipulation and dynamic elements.
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a language which enables preprocessing of the front-end scripts by the backend webserver. This language enables content to be injected into the page securely from databases, programs, server-side files, etc. PHP serves as the bridge between JavaScript and the server which hosts your website.
MySQL (and other structured query languages) is a relational database software that allows for the storing of massive sets of data pertaining to your website. Alongside JavaScript and PHP, MySQL can be used to store information about users (emails, accounts, logins, shopping cart contents, etc.) and retrieve that information on the fly via PHP.
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Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization
We embed metadata within your website to ensure that Google, Bing, and Yahoo are easily able to crawl your web content. The easier it is for search crawlers, the more likely your page is to show up on the first page results.
We embed other metadata tags in your website so that, when your link is embedded in a post, relevant information and photos are pulled from your page in the preview. Social media is a great way to spread your business, but only if your posts look appealing!
Basic Plan
1hr Consultation 4 Pages (incl. 1 dynamic)
Live Build Preview Database Configuration
On-Site Chat Cross-Device Compatibility
SEO Optimization Quarterly Maintenance
Custom Domain
($35/mo After)
Advanced Plan
1.5hr Consultation 6 Pages (incl. 2 dynamic)
Live Build Preview Database Configuration
On-Site Chat Cross-Device Compatibility
SEO Optimization Monthly Maintenance
Custom Domain Dedicated IP
On-Site Sales Logo Retouch
($35/mo After)
Ultra Plan
2hr Consultation 12 Pages (incl. 4 dynamic)
Live Build Preview Database Configuration
On-Site Chat Cross-Device Compatibility
SEO Optimization Anytime Maintenance
Custom Domain Dedicated IP
On-Site Sales User Accounts
Page Tracking Logo Retouch
($35/mo After)
*Dynamic refers to pages which communicate with a database (prices will be lower if you elect to have fewer dynamic pages)
Our websites are completely built from scratch and catered to the business at hand. Don't need a specific plan? That's okay! The plans are merely guidelines, we're happy to design and quote the website you need!
Cory Cherven
I'm a third-year computer science and mathematics student at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY who has taken a great deal of interest in web design and business marketing. I run my own computer repair/custom computer business (Logic Gator) and understand how important a sleek, functional website is to promoting one's services and products. I'm 100% devoted to what I do and proud to be the proprietor of Logic Gator (Web Design). If you want to reach out to me, use the contact form above!